In the Light is a branch of a family-owned manufacturing company. The accumulated experience of specialists in the field of production of metal structures and lighting equipment, combined with the desire of the new managerial generation for even greater growth and modernization, became the basis for the formation of the original concept of the company. In the Light is quality, knowledge and love for one’s work, the development of which is impossible without constant study, as well as the application of new technologies and design trends.

Street Lightning

There are several important factors to consider when designing and implementing street lighting.

Street lighting can be a significant energy consumer, so it’s important to use energy-efficient lighting fixtures and technologies to reduce energy costs and minimize the environmental impact.

The quality of light is important for the visibility and safety of road users. Street lighting should provide sufficient illumination to allow people to see clearly and navigate safely, while also minimizing glare and shadows.

Street lighting can also play a role in the aesthetic appearance of the street environment. Carefully designed lighting can enhance the visual appeal of a street and contribute to a sense of place.

Complete Projects

IN THE LIGHT has implemented numerous and varied lighting and landscaping projects. The customers were individuals, urban planning organizations, restoration companies and city administrators.