Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, Bridge Lighting and illumination

Astana is a modern metropolis built almost from scratch in Kazakhstan. At night, many lights reveal its soul. Monuments of culture and architecture. Carefully thought-out details, selected shades and directed beams of light. Bridge openings and highways.

As part of the lighting of the two main bridges in Astana, more than 100 cast-iron 11-meter lighting poles with LED lamps were manufactured.

  • Bridge “Saryarka”. The lighting of this bridge was carried out by our company together with Philips, which serves the most famous sights in the world, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the London eye. The bridge is also controlled remotely. Illumination favorably emphasizes the ornament of the railing, the beauty of the steles and the national flavor that was used to create the bridge
  • Bridge “Maral-2”, one of the longest in Astana, has more than 40 illumination scenarios, which change not only on holidays, but also depending on the season.


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