Price upon request

A modern LED wall lamp designed for functional and decorative architectural lighting. It is installed on vertical architectural elements in the space of modern urban and private buildings, as well as in the interiors of public and commercial buildings.


Steel, aluminum


Lamp on a bracket.

Light fixture: V64-01

Base – polymeric zinc-phosphate primer and a layer of decorative epoxy or polyurethane paint composition. The default color is black. The coloring of the product in a different color (according to the RAL catalog), as well as the coloring of individual elements of the lantern (patination, gold, etc.) are agreed when order is placed.

Anchor fastening to a vertical surface.

Paint coating

Weatherproof powder paint in color according to the RAL catalog.

Color: Grey/Black/White/Silver/Graphite/Olive/Plum

Additional technical information

Mains connection: 220 V, 50 Hz