Lantern 1.t40.ok.41.v29-051

Price upon request

The cast lantern will perfectly fit both into the space of the city street and into the landscape environment. The design of the lantern allows it to be used on the territory of historical and modern buildings. The floral pattern of the decorative part of the bracket makes the lantern an unobtrusive, but important decoration of the space being decorated.

Designed for functional and decorative lighting of city streets, sidewalks, pedestrian and recreational areas, squares, boulevards, parks and gardens, as well as areas in front of public or administrative buildings. It is also used on the territory of cottage settlements and private estates.


Cast iron, steel


Street lamp post is completed with lamps, supports, brackets, embedded part of the foundation and, in order to increase the convenience of transportation, it is delivered unassembled.

Cut-out hatch.

The maximum section of connected conductors is 16 mm2.

The base coating of the support is a polymeric zinc-phosphate primer and a layer of decorative epoxy or polyurethane paint. The default color is black. The coloring of the product in a different color (according to the RAL catalog), as well as the coloring of individual elements of the lantern (patination, gold, etc.) are agreed when order is placed.

The support is installed on the flange of the foundation embedded part. The technical characteristics of the embedded part of the foundation are calculated individually for each specific case.

The embedded part of the foundation is coated with an anti-corrosion compound.

Paint coating

Weatherproof powder paint in color according to the RAL catalog.

Color: Grey/Black/White/Silver/Graphite/Olive/Plum

Additional technical information

Mains connection: 220 V, 50 Hz

Type of supply cable connection: underground or overhead